English Idioms A - Z - Idiomatic Expressions


The Cambridge dictionary defines an idiom as a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word understood on its own: For example
To "have bitten off more than you can chew" is an idiom that means you have tried to do something which is too difficult for you.We have offered you a list of commonly used idioms from A to Z.

Idioms J- Idiomatic expressions beginning with J

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  1. jack

a jack of all trades
a person who can do many different kinds of work, but perhaps does not do them very well
He repairs cars, he paints houses, he makes furniture. He’s a real jack of all trades.

  1. Jekyll

a Jekyll and Hyde
a person with two separate personalities or ways of behaving, one good, pleasant, etc. and one evil, unpleasant,etc.
He’s a real Jekyll and Hyde. At home he shouts at his wife and children all the time; at work he’s always charming and friendly.

  1. jelly

be/feel like jelly (also turn to jelly)
(of legs or knees) feel weak because you are nervous or frightened
She couldn’t move – her head was swimming, her mouth was dry and her legs felt like jelly.

  1. Jewel

the jewel in the crown
the most attractive or valuable part of smth
Most critics agree that this artist’s latest work is the jewel in the crown of an exceptional body of work.

  1. Join

join the club
said as a reply to smb who tells you their bad news when you are or have been in the same situation yourself; an expression of sympathy.
“I failed the exam again!” “Join the club! Pete, Sarah and I have as well, so don’t worry!”

  1. Joke

make a joke of smth
laugh about smth that is serious or should be taken seriously
Don’t make a joke of it! I could lose my job because of this!

  1. Just

could/might just as well…
used to say that you/smb would have been in the same position if you had done smth else, because you got little benefit or enjoyment from what you did do
The weather was so bad we might just as well have stayed at home.

  1. Justice

do justice to smb/smth; do smb/smth justice
say or do smth which shows that you know or recognize the true value of smb/smth; show the true value of smth
They were not hungry and couldn’t do justice to her excellent cooking.


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