English Idioms A - Z - Idiomatic Expressions


The Cambridge dictionary defines an idiom as a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word understood on its own: For example
To "have bitten off more than you can chew" is an idiom that means you have tried to do something which is too difficult for you.We have offered you a list of commonly used idioms from A to Z.

Idioms G- Idiomatic expressions beginning with G

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  1. Game

What’s smb’s/your game? (BrE, slang)
Used to ask why smb is behaving the way they are
Dan’s looking very nervous. Why? What’s his game?

  1. Get

Can’t get over smth (spoken)
Used to say that you are shocked, surprised, amused, etc by smth
I can’t get over how rude she was to me.
(not) get somewhere/nowhere/anywhere
(not) make progress
Now at last we are getting somewhere!

  1. Gift

the gift of the gab (BrE) (AmE a gift of/for gab) (informal, sometimes disapproving)
the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words
To be a successful sales executive you need the gift of the gab.

  1. Give

give and take
be willing to listen to other people’s wishes and points of view and to change your demands, if this is necessary
If we want this marriage to be successful, we both have to learn to give and take.

  1. Glued

Be glued to smth (informal)
Give all your attention to smth; stay very close to smth
He spends every evening glued to the TV.

  1. Go

At/in one go (BrE)
in one single action; all at the same time
I don’t think I’ll be able to solve all the problems at one go.

  1. Goat

get smb’s goat (informal)
annoy smb very much
That woman really gets my goat. She does nothing but complain.

  1. Golden

the golden rule
the most important rule, principle, etc to remember when you are doing something
When you’re playing a stroke in golf, the golden rule is to keep your eye on the ball.

  1. Grabs

Be up for grabs (informal)
be available to anyone who is interested in getting it, buying it etc
The contract for repairing the damaged buildings will soon be up for grabs.

  1. Granted

take smth for granted
not value smth or smb just because they are / it is always there
Your problem is that you take your wife for granted. When was the last time you told her how much you appreciated her?


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